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Explorer Tours curated to ignite your sense of adventure. Take a hike on Mount Fuji, or a riverside adventure along the Rhine. We have 1000s of Explorer Vacations to choose from!

Hiking Tours & Trips

From Treks of Machu Picchu to the rolling hills of Switzerland, the hills are alive with the sound of birdsong and rejuvenating fresh air. Find out about our 1000s of walking Tour Vacations below

        Or Perhaps one of our 250 River Cruise Packages, or take it easy with one of our Wellness Tours and Trips

River Cruise
River Cruises

Travel in the height of luxury, no matter your budget on one of our many river cruise tours. Whether it be on the famous and lively cities bordering the Mississippi, the floating markets of the Mekong or the picturesque Budapest on the Danube.

Wellness Spa
Wellness Tours & Trips

Recharge and relax, getting away from it all at one of our meditation resorts in Thailand, or a yoga retreat in Mexico. A sanctuary to switch off and get back in touch with yourself awaits.

We have hundreds of Culture Tours & Trips for lovers of history & the arts, or see the majesty of the African Animal Kingdom on one of our Safari Tours

Cultural Holiday

Visit the home of the birth of European culture with a getaway to Athens, Greece. Or visit the fine art galleries and eateries of Paris, France. Maybe you wish to visit the Inca ruins in Peru. We have a wide variety of getaways for all with one of our 2500 tour operators.


Reveal the majesty and adventure of the African plains on a vacation to never forget. Marvel at the Serengeti , or revel in the beauty of the turtles of the Galapegos. Our tour experts have the perfect wildlife vacation for you.

Or Get your heart racing and fall in love with one of our Active Tours, or sample the finest cuisines in the world with our Food & Culinary Tours and Trips


We provide some of the best active tours around. From the adrenaline fuelled activities on offer in New Zealand, Whitewater rafting across North America, to the desert dunes of Africa, we have 1000s of Active Vacations to choose from and give you you that adrenaline rush you need.

Food & Culinary

The finer things in life are to be experienced first hand, and that includes fine dining. From fine wines in Bordeaux, to perfect woodfired pizza in Naples. We have your appetite covered. Maybe try Tokyo's Michelin star dining, or Asian fusion cuisine across South East Asia, we have our foodies covered. Find out about our 1000s of Food and Culinary Vacations below.

 Or why not try one of our extremely popular Cycling Tours, or take to the water with one of our Sailing Trips

Mountain Biking Holiday

Whether it's mountain biking or road cycling, we can offer 100s of Bike Vacations to choose from! Take in the most majestic views in Italy's Dolomite Range along winding open climbs, or head to Girona in Spain for the world famous cycle routes and mix of terrains.

Sailing Holiday

If you feel more at home on the water, our Sailing Tours are for you. Start your own Greek Aegean Odyssey along the crystal clear waters and coves. Why not try out Croatia's Elaphiti Archipelago? With perfect lakes and pristine forests, a sailing trip of a lifetime awaits.

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Find the perfect vacation ideas in the click of a button. From holidays in Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Oceania and South East Asia, we have your sense of adventure and ideas for vacation covered.

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