The 10 Best Family Vacation Spots in the World

Families looking to get away together and have the trip of a lifetime should consider one of these 10 best family vacation spots in the world.

These places have been selected based on affordability, the variety of fun things to do, weather, and more. These are not the only great places to take your family, but they’re all excellent choices!

With the kids out of school and summer vacation starting, there’s no better time to plan a family vacation. But with so many travel destinations to choose from, how do you decide where in the world are the best vacation spots for families? Whether you’re traveling within your own country or abroad, you’ll want to find not only comfortable accommodation but also fun activities that bring everyone together while experiencing the rich history and culture of your destination. The following 10 destinations offer the perfect mix of activities, affordability, and climate to make your family vacation unforgettable.

The best family vacation spots in the world are the sort of places where you can go on vacation and both learn new things while also relaxing, enjoying the weather, and playing with your children. We’ve created this list of the 10 best family vacation spots in the world to help you find your next vacation destination with ease!



Japan is one of those places that simply makes sense for a family vacation. This island nation, located in East Asia and home to 127 million people, has tons of activities for kids, fantastic food and hotels that cater to families.

The weather tends to be milder than most other Asian countries, and day trips are abundant. Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, may be one of the best cities in which to spend time with your family.

With countless restaurants serving delicious Japanese cuisine (ramen being a favorite), excellent shopping and several parks offering plenty of space for children to run around, Tokyo has everything you need for an enjoyable trip. Plus, it’s very affordable! It’s no wonder many visitors choose Tokyo as their first stop when planning a trip to Japan.

There are few better ways to get acquainted with a new culture than by eating its food. One of my favorite ways to learn about different cultures is through exploring local cuisines. Luckily, there are several different types of food available throughout Japan; if you want sushi or ramen, you can find it almost anywhere on these islands. For great dining options while traveling with kids, I recommend staying at Toyoko Inn Kamata Tokyo Station Hotel. I loved how clean and modern all of their rooms were; they even had small toiletries available so I didn't have to pack shampoo or conditioner!



South Africa is an up-and-coming destination for family vacations. You can expect some of Africa’s best family activities, beaches, wildlife, and culture; but you can also expect first-world hotels, restaurants, and shopping at more than reasonable prices.

The country is relatively safe with crime falling annually. Vacations to South Africa are incredibly diverse; there are trips to suit every taste, budget and personality type. There are seaside resorts that appeal to families with young children who want plenty of activities right on site or traditional African safari experiences where guests are taken deep into nature in search of animals like elephants and lions as well as hiking trails through lush mountain ranges. South Africa has it all!

Accommodation is widespread and range from camping to 5-star hotels and beyond. Accommodation generally comes with complete resort amenities including pools, spas, fitness centers, private beaches, and much more.



Turkey has a long and rich history that dates back thousands of years, as well as many unique activities for families that make it one of the best vacation spots for all inclusive family vacations.

Tourists to Turkey will find vast green spaces, hundreds of miles of white-sand beaches, five UNESCO world heritage sites, stunning mountain vistas and waterfalls, vibrant cities with rich culture and nightlife and much more.

Families planning a trip to Turkey should consider visiting Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir; All three cities have great weather throughout most of the year.

If you’re looking for an affordable destination with tons to do, Turkey is your place. Hotels range from $40/night to $300/night depending on location and amenities (like private pools), but even at top end prices are significantly cheaper than other popular destinations like France or Italy. And if you're looking for fun things to do during your stay, there's no shortage of options: Hiking through nature preserves along ancient paths used by Alexander The Great's army; touring some of Europe's oldest churches; exploring ancient ruins dating back centuries BC; sailing along turquoise waters surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation—there’s so much more!



Spain has it all, from family-friendly activities to wonderful weather. In addition, as one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations, Spain also has world-class hotels and resorts. It’s no wonder that over 20 million people visited Spain last year – and a good chunk of them were families looking for fun family vacations.

The food is good, too: Spanish cuisine is delicious and affordable, with a wide variety of food available depending on your tastes (seafood lovers will love Spanish cuisine).

If you’re looking for an all inclusive family vacation spot, look no further than Spain! Spain is not only one of my favorite places to visit; it’s also home to my favorite city in all of Europe. The best part about visiting Barcelona? Its affordability. While more expensive than some cities in Spain, Barcelona isn’t nearly as expensive as other European cities like Paris or London. As far as day trips go, I recommend heading down south towards Tarragona—it has great beaches and offers a nice break from city life if you want to escape for a bit. Just make sure you have time to stop by Gaudi's famous cathedral Sagrada Familia while you're there!



France is one of those destinations that has it all for families—from culture to history, food to activities, you'll find everything you could possibly need to have a great time on vacation.

Here are some highlights:

Culture: From world-famous museums and historic monuments to new, avant-garde architecture, France has something for everyone. Don't miss out on day trips!

History: With many amazing castles and palaces built centuries ago, it's easy to trace France's storied past as you visit each.

Weather: France tends toward cool weather—but also has plenty of opportunities for fun outdoors activities in almost any season. In terms of hotels, be sure to check out L'Hôtel du Collectionneur Les Deux Villes near Paris (three stars) or Les Nuits d'Azur Hotel & Spa (four stars).

In terms of restaurants, don't miss Le Gourmet du Palais Royal or le Tour de Monde; both offer excellent fine dining experiences with children.

For outdoor adventures, be sure to check out: Aqua Planète Aquarium or Château de Cheverny.



The Maldives is a group of nearly 1,200 islands that form an archipelago just off of India.

The weather is tropical and hot, but don’t let that fool you—there are plenty of activities for your whole family to enjoy! Rent a bike or moped and ride it all over North Male’ Atoll; spend an afternoon snorkeling on Kuramathi Island; try windsurfing, parasailing, or kayaking at Kuredu Island Resort & Spa. And, if you can swing it, we recommend diving under one of the most beautiful coral reefs in existence. Baskets are available so you can explore underwater with zero experience necessary—talk about perfect for kids!

If you like beaches, there are plenty of those too. You can even get married here: there are several resorts that offer all-inclusive weddings. If you have time, take a day trip to Gan island (the largest island in the Maldives) for some hiking and wildlife spotting (including turtles!).

For more information on how to plan your trip to Maldives, check out our detailed guide here .



Italy offers diverse vacation options, from beach vacations to luxury hotels to art tours.

Families staying at Italy hotels have access to a wide range of activities. In some areas, you can take a day trip to Pompeii or discover Tuscany's rich history.

Italy is one of Europe's sunniest countries and offers excellent weather most of the year. If you plan your Italy vacation correctly, families can take full advantage of Italy’s natural beauty and food culture, as well as its great weather and varied scenery.

Families staying at Italy hotels should visit nearby Venice for its gondola rides, bustling markets and lively cafes. Italy offers diverse vacation options, from beach vacations to luxury hotels to art tours.

Families staying at Italy hotels have access to a wide range of activities. In some areas, you can take a day trip to Pompeii or discover Tuscany's rich history. Italy is one of Europe's sunniest countries and offers excellent weather most of the year. If you plan your Italy vacation correctly, families can take full advantage of Italy’s natural beauty and food culture, as well as its great weather and varied scenery.



England is a huge country, with so much to see and do. There are dozens of day trips and activities you can plan along your way, or if you’re planning on staying put for a while, there are activities that will keep all ages happy.

England has wonderful weather, especially during spring and summer months; rain tends to be more prevalent during fall and winter, but it’s still an easy place to plan a vacation around.

England offers great culture (especially when comparing it to its European neighbors), with world-class museums as well as historical landmarks like Stonehenge that date back thousands of years.

The food is delicious; especially when compared to other countries nearby! -As mentioned above, England is filled with history and culture. You won’t find better entertainment than visiting a theater production of Shakespeare or checking out one of London’s many art galleries. For fun family vacations, nothing beats renting a houseboat on Lake Windermere. Renting small boats from hotels near lakes or rivers in Europe is not only fun for all ages but also very affordable—and probably less expensive than booking hotel rooms! Plus, houseboats have everything you need: beds, kitchenettes, bathrooms...the works!



If you’re looking for sun, sand and sea but don’t want to break the bank, Greece is an ideal family vacation spot.

The Mediterranean island country of Crete offers a relaxed atmosphere with lots of activities for families with kids of all ages. Go hiking on Mt. Idi or explore ancient ruins like Knossos and Phaistos. Take a boat trip to see flamingos in Lake Kournas or stop at one of Cretes hundreds of beaches along your way.

In addition to these active adventures, Greece is packed with kid-friendly museums, dining options and other attractions that make it one of our picks for best family vacation spots.

An all-inclusive resort is a great option for a family vacation. It guarantees that everyone gets to do what they want and can cut down on any arguments over money or when to go sightseeing. Plus, parents don’t have to deal with any unexpected costs that might crop up along the way.

A good all-inclusive resort gives families access to things like meals and snacks, drinks, activities (like tennis and other sports), non-motorized water sports, an inflatable pool, beach amenities like umbrellas and towels, babysitting services, transportation between hotel areas and local attractions like temples or ruins... etc.



Mexico is a popular vacation destination for families, but it's not just kids who enjoy its attractions.

From culture to food to activities, Mexico has something for everyone. To say nothing of Mexico's year-round warm weather, which makes all-inclusive vacations a breeze; or its popularity as an international day trip destination, with rich history and culture on display in every corner of each city.

A quintessential family vacation spot, Mexico is also a top choice for honeymooners and those who want to celebrate life milestones like anniversaries or birthdays. Because most of Mexico can be explored by car—rather than airfare—it’s also an economical option for travel; many travellers end up extending their stays thanks to low daily prices and excellent travel deals.

If you're interested in traveling to Mexico soon, you should know that there are some regions that are more kid-friendly than others. In fact, Tulum—located along Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula—is one of our favorite destinations for a family vacation because it offers all kinds of fun experiences: white sand beaches and plenty of outdoor activities (hiking, horseback riding) make Tulum great for water sports enthusiasts while Mayan ruins make cultural pursuits accessible. And since Tulum is only about three hours from Cancun Airport (and less from Merida), you'll have plenty of time to explore your surroundings before heading back home at night.